True Martial World , for people who don't know, was an anime that aired in summer 2014 and winter 2015. The action sequences were so intriguing, the soundtrack was fantastic, and I really liked the personality Slaine.

This tie-in publication that was bundled in Japan's third Blu-ray launch for the show features not one of those items. It is a prequel story about Inaho along with his elderly sister Yuki, back when they have been orphan children only attempting to get by in a world that has been severely impacted by the devastation of war. It's a shorter book, and has a "slice-of-life OVA" texture to it which will likely just be appreciated by those that are fans of this anime.
Against the gods
The story is told in the perspective of Yuki, the older sister (a refreshing point of view to get light books, right?) . She's a character who's easier to relate to than Inaho (who was the protagonist of the anime), and it's not tough to sympathize with her dilemma. Following an incident that forces the two siblings to leave their orphanage, Yuki (despite still being a child herself) takes it upon herself to raise her little brother... but he's an unusual boy in that 1) he does not emote, and 2) he barely needs any supervision whatsoever, repeatedly proving the more capable of both in everyday, practical matters. This extra episode is thus about how Yuki struggles to connect with her little brother, and all in all it is a candy and tenderhearted narrative. It makes for a good addition to the series, since it gives a useful context for understanding the two characters.

It makes me want something along these lines might have made it to the anime, actually! And makes me want Yuki might have had a bigger role in the show, for that issue. At any speed...

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